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Paper: AO-Assisted Polarization Maps: Hints Toward Hidden Sources
Volume: 287, Galactic Star Formation Across the Stellar Mass Spectrum
Page: 247
Authors: Puga, E.; Feldt, M.; Hippler, S.; Costa, J.
Abstract: Polarization maps are useful diagnostic tools to search for hidden illuminating sources in YSOs and for circumstellar disks that have not been resolved. In the present work, we have intended to confirm or discard the presence of such secondary sources and a disk in S106, which is known to have a very clear centro-symmetric pattern, and to identify the polarizing sources in an ultracompact HII region G61.48. Our preliminary results with AO-assisted observations with ALFA in the K{'} band at the 3.5m telescope on Calar Alto are presented. Using the method described in Weintraub & Kastner (1993), we show that the possible secondary source proposed by Richer et al. (1993), is not responsible of the polarized emission from the lobes of S106. In the case of G61.48, the map indicates that only the polarization of some clumps around the UCHII region has been detected, while the nearby reflection nebula presents a very complicated pattern.
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