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Paper: The Twin-Core System NGC 6334 I & I(N): High Mass Stars and Stellar Clusters in the Making
Volume: 287, Galactic Star Formation Across the Stellar Mass Spectrum
Page: 257
Authors: Thorwirth, S.; Winnewisser, G.; Megeath, S. T.; Tieftrunk, A. R.
Abstract: The core NGC 6334 I has proven to be extremely rich in terms of molecular line emission (e.g. Bachiller & Cernicharo 1990) with its multifaceted chemistry being driven by the young stellar cluster emerging from it. In contrast, NGC 6334 I(N) is a much younger object, which has recently been found to contain at least one (proto)star (Megeath & Tieftrunk 1999) and is likely to be in the earliest stages of forming an entire cluster of stars. To study the molecular composition of evolved versus ``embryonic'' cores in detail, a comprehensive spectral line survey towards both sources has been performed employing the Swedish-ESO Submillimeter Telescope, SEST.
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