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Paper: Low Mass Star Formation in the Gum Nebula
Volume: 287, Galactic Star Formation Across the Stellar Mass Spectrum
Page: 275
Authors: Kim, J. S.; Walter, F. M.; Wolk, S. J.
Abstract: Do different physical environments matter to low mass star formation (LMSF)? In an attempt to understand LMSF in the harsh environments that may influence the circumstellar disk survival time and evolution, we present multi-wavelength photometric studies of a star forming region CG 30/31/38 in the Gum Nebula. Using fx/fv flux ratios, color-magnitude diagrams, and color-color diagrams we identify pre-main sequence (PMS) candidates with and without circumstellar disks using near-IR excesses. We also compare our preliminary result with that of T associations in RCW 27 & RCW 33 and in other SFRs. 5-10% of PMS candidates show IR excesses using V-I vs. I-K colors. In this study we attempt to understand the role high mass stars play on LMSF and circumstellar disks survival time in the context of star formation history of the Gum Nebula.
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