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Paper: Models of Passive Disks with Inner Holes: Evidence for Disks around Intermediate Mass Pre-Main-Sequence Stars
Volume: 287, Galactic Star Formation Across the Stellar Mass Spectrum
Page: 313
Authors: Dominik, C.; Dullemond, C. P.; Waters, L. B. F. M.; Natta, A.
Abstract: We describe a model of passive circumstellar disks with inner holes and compare the SEDs predicted by this model with observations of isolated Herbig Ae/Be stars. The model can reproduce most properties of the observed stars. The near-IR emission is understood as emission from a puffed-up inner rim of the disk. The mid-IR rising SEDs of the group I sources can be fitted with large flaring disks. The mid-IR falling SEDs of group II sources is matched with small optically thick disks. The absence of the silicate emission feature at 10 μm in some group I stars cannot fully be explained as a geometrical effect.
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