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Paper: Properties of the Youngest Stellar Generation in OMC 2 and OMC 3
Volume: 287, Galactic Star Formation Across the Stellar Mass Spectrum
Page: 421
Authors: Nielbock, M.; Chini, R.
Abstract: We have investigated the stellar content of OMC 2 and OMC 3 by means of NIR, MIR, and (sub)mm photometry. The MIR images turned out to be especially valuable for the characterisation of the sources. We were able to resolve 6 close double sources and a couple of circumstellar and circumbinary disks/cocoons where the (sub)mm maps only show single emission peaks. NIR colour--colour and colour--magnitude diagrams have been examined in order to address the properties of the sources. It turns out that classifications from IR spectral indices only may be misleading due to significant contamination by interstellar extinction. We propose an alternative evolutionary scheme, based on the luminosity ratio L10 micron/L1300 micron.
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