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Paper: The Drag of Protostars on a Gaseous Medium
Volume: 287, Galactic Star Formation Across the Stellar Mass Spectrum
Page: 455
Authors: Escala, A.; Larson, R. B.; Coppi, P. S.; Mardones, D.
Abstract: We present a numerical study of the drag on protostars in a gaseous medium. Our work investigates the evolution of a binary (equal mass) protostar in an isothermal gas for different Mbinary/Mgas ratios. In this work we used the public Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) code called GADGET (Springel, Yoshida, & White 2001). We find that the gravitational drag timescales are comparable with those of the star formation process. Hence, the drag can play an important role in the formation of stars and to determine the final separation of binaries.
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