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Paper: A New Model for Penetrative Convection in the Anelastic Approximation
Volume: 293, 3D Stellar Evolution
Page: 34
Authors: Rogers, T. M.; Glatzmaier, G. A.; Woosley, S. E.
Abstract: We present a new model for studying penetrative convection in the anelastic approximation. This model is then applied to 2D numerical simulations of a convective region bounded below by a stable (radiative) region. Descending plumes excite strong gravity waves in the radiative region, with wavelengths given by the Brunt-Vaisala frequency. We present here two models with very different values of the ``stiffness'' parameter, S (a measure of the subadiabaticity to the superadiabaticity), so that we can get a qualitative understanding as to how this parameter affects the penetration.
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