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Paper: Simulations of Near-Surface Solar Magnetoconvection Within Localized Spherical Segments
Volume: 293, 3D Stellar Evolution
Page: 229
Authors: Derosa, M. L.; Hurlburt, N. E.
Abstract: Turbulent fluid motions near the surface of the sun, such as those associated with the observed pattern of supergranulation, are thought to play a role in the decay of the magnetic field within plage and active regions on the sun. To investigate such dynamics, we have constructed two related numerical simulations of fully compressible magnetoconvecting fluids, each contained within a curved, spherical segment that approximates the conditions within the upper part of the solar convection zone. The spherical segment domains span 30 degrees in latitude and 60 degrees in longitude, and have a radial extent of 4% of the solar radius. We find that bipolar field configurations decay on diffusive (Ohmic) time scales, rather than on turbulent decay time scales, despite the network of convection cells around and within the magnetized regions.
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