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Paper: A Keck Adaptive Optics Search for Young Extrasolar Planets
Volume: 294, Scientific Frontiers in Research on Extrasolar Planets
Page: 91
Authors: Kaisler, D.; Zuckerman, B.; Becklin, E.
Abstract: Adaptive optics, large primary mirrors, and careful selection of target stars are the keys to ground-based imaging of extrasolar planets. Our near-IR survey is capable of identifying extrasolar planets of 1-10 Jupiter masses within 100 AU of young (t<60 Myr), nearby (d<60 pc) stars. For very young and proximate targets such as GJ 803 (12 Myr, 10 pc) we are able to detect extrasolar planets with parameters approaching those of planets in our solar system (1 Jupiter mass at 19 AU, 2 Jupiter masses at 9 AU; 5 Jupiter masses at 5 AU). We have thus far imaged over 100 stars with Keck AO. Here we report on our progress, discuss specific observing strategies, and present detailed sensitivity limits.
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