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Paper: A Large Dust Disk Around TW Hya
Volume: 294, Scientific Frontiers in Research on Extrasolar Planets
Page: 247
Authors: Schütz, O.; Sterzik, M.; Nielbock, M.; Wolf, S.; Els, S.; Böhnhardt, H.
Abstract: We present new observational evidence for an extended, massive, circumstellar dust disk around the 8 Myr young, K8 dwarf TW Hya. We used the bolometer array SIMBA mounted to the 15 m radio telescope SEST in Chile, which is operated at a wavelength of 1.2 mm in the continuum. We compare the observed flux distribution with a radiative transfer model for the disk, and find that standard disk models cannot explain the large amount of material in the outer disk region. We speculate that the large size of the dust disk results from expansion in an active, massive, accretion disk around TW Hya and could constitute material of a "forming Kuiper-belt region".
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