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Paper: Gas Capturing Growth of Gas-Giant Planets via Subdisk Accretion in Protoplanetary Disk
Volume: 294, Scientific Frontiers in Research on Extrasolar Planets
Page: 303
Authors: Tanigawa, T.; Watanabe, S.
Abstract: We investigate the three-dimensional gas accretion flow onto the gas giant protoplanet from a protoplanetary disk in detail in order to clarify the gas capturing process of the gas giant planet after the onset of gravitational instability of the proto atmosphere of the planet. We adopt local Cartesian coordinates and use the NIRVANA code, which uses a nested-grids solver, to obtain the accretion flow pattern with high resolution. We find that a two-dimensional approximation is invalid in the Hill sphere, whereas the outside of the Hill sphere it is still vaild. A circum-planetary disk with weak spiral shocks can be seen in the Hill sphere. It is likely that the accreting gas toward the planet flows mainly not via the subdisk, but from on high directly. The gas accretion rate is typically half of the two-dimensional simulation.
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