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Paper: All Sky Doppler Extrasolar Planet Surveys with a Multi-object Dispersed Fixed-delay Interferometer
Volume: 294, Scientific Frontiers in Research on Extrasolar Planets
Page: 573
Authors: Ge, J.; Mahadevan, S.; van Eyken, J.; Dewitt, C.; Shaklan, S.
Abstract: Characterization of extrasolar planetary systems requires a radial velocity (RV) survey for planets around hundreds of thousands of nearby stars of all spectral types over the next ten years. This survey will be extremely difficult to conduct using a current high resolution echelle spectrometer due to its single object observing mode and low instrument throughput. Here we propose to use a high throughput multi-object dispersed fixed-delay interferometer for the survey. This instrument, a combination of a fixed-delay interferometer with a moderate resolution spectrometer, is completely different from current echelle spectrometers. Doppler RV is measured through monitoring interference fringe shifts of stellar absorption lines over a broad band. Coupling this multi-object instrument with a wide field telescope (a few degree, such as Sloan and WIYN) and UV, visible and near-IR detectors will allow to simultaneously obtain hundreds of stellar fringing spectra for searching for planets. The RV survey speed can be increased by more than 2 orders of magnitude over that for the echelles.
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