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Paper: Drifting-nulling Interaction in PSR B0809+74
Volume: 302, Radio Pulsars, in Celebration of the Contributions of Andrew Lyne, Dick Manchester and Joe Taylor — a Festschrift Honoring Their 60th Birthdays
Page: 203
Authors: van Leeuwen, A. G. J.; Stappers, B. W.; Ramachandran, R.; Rankin, J. M.
Abstract: Both nulling and subpulse drifting are poorly understood phenomena. We probe their mechanisms by investigating how they interact in PSR B0809+74. We solve the subpulse alias order problem and find that one driftband represents one subbeam. From this we derive a subbeam-carousel rotation time of more than 200 seconds, much longer than predicted by theory. We find that after nulls the drift-pattern is changed and that it can remain stably different for about 150 seconds. With the alias mode known, we can now tie these drift-pattern changes to changes in emission-region geometry. We show that post-null emission originates deeper in the pulsar magnetosphere. Both this emission-height change and the striking increase in carousel-rotation time can be explained by a post-null decrease in gap height. This offers a glance at the circumstances needed to make the pulsar turn off so dramatically.
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