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Paper: Observations of Solar Radio Bursts with NRL LWA Antenna Prototypes
Volume: 345, From Clark Lake to the Long Wavelength Array: Bill Erickson's Radio Science
Page: 181
Authors: Stewart, K.P.; Hicks, B.C.; Crane, P.C.; Kassim, N.E.; MacDowall, R.J.; Bradley, R.; Erickson, W.C.
Abstract: We present spectra of solar bursts observed with active antenna prototypes. Combining active antenna systems developed for the NLTA (NRL Long-wavelength Test Array) and experience gained from BIRS (Bruny Island Radio Spectrometer) we have developed the GDRT (Goddard Decametric Radio Telescope). The GDRT and Green Bank Solar Radio Burst Spectrometer (GB/SRBS) serve as the northern hemisphere companions to BIRS, which operates in Tasmania. These instruments continuously scan from <12 MHz to >100 MHz while simultaneously applying RFI mitigation algorithms to produce a continuous record of solar activity. This space weather initiative demonstrates one application of hardware developed for the LWA (Long Wavelength Array).
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