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Paper: Resolving the Confusion: Recent Low Frequency Observations of the Galaxy
Volume: 345, From Clark Lake to the Long Wavelength Array: Bill Erickson's Radio Science
Page: 187
Authors: Brogan, C.L.
Abstract: The unprecedented resolution and sensitivity afforded by the new low frequency systems at the VLA and GMRT, coupled with advances in wide field imaging have recently allowed us to probe the synchrotron emission and free-free thermal absorption properties of Galactic sources on scales that were previously inaccessible. I present a review of recent low frequency observations of the Galactic plane. Some of these results include new insights about the Galactic center, the detection of numerous new SNR candidates from a VLA 330 MHz survey of the Galactic plane from l = +4° to l = +23°, b ± 1.5°, detailed studies of the synchrotron emission of well known SNRs, and studies of Galactic free-free absorption which serve as a probe of distance, as well as Galactic cosmic ray acceleration and emissivity.
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