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Paper: Summary of the Splinter Session: Spectral Diagnostics of Hot Plasma from Cool Stars
Volume: 384, 14th Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun
Page: 351
Authors: Brickhouse, N.S.
Abstract: EUV and X-ray spectra tell us about the physical conditions in the hot coronae, in particular temperature, density, elemental abundances, opacity, and velocity. The values derived from spectroscopy inform our models of magnetic structure, accretion shocks, and hot winds. But two issues must always be kept in mind: (1) the methods used are often indirect and inferential, and make a lot of assumptions; and (2) the fundamental atomic data have flaws which are often not taken into account. During the splinter session speakers addressed both of these issues for topics of recent interest. This session also emphasized the solar/stellar connection.
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