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Paper: Mining The Next Generation Of Surveys for Cool Star Science
Volume: 384, 14th Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun
Page: 364
Authors: Pinfield, D.J.; Liu, M.C.; Jones, H.R.A.; Kirkpatrick, J.D.; Lister, T.A.; Magnier, E.A.; Moraux, E.; West, A.A.; Liebert, J.; the WASP Consortium; the Pan-STARRS Team; the UKIDSS Cool Dwarf Science Working Gr
Abstract: A number of major new and near future survey facilities are set to have a large impact on cool star science. With increased sky coverage and sensitivity over a wide wavelength range and in the time domain, a variety of new populations will be discovered. We discuss the capabilities of these new surveys and some of the science they will facilitate in the coming years.
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