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Paper: Galactic Astronomy at Long Wavelengths: Past Prologue
Volume: 345, From Clark Lake to the Long Wavelength Array: Bill Erickson's Radio Science
Page: 217
Authors: Lazio, T.J.W.
Abstract: In the course of his long career, Bill Erickson has conducted long wavelength observations on a number of Galactic objects. These include observations of or searches for supernova remnants, pulsars, extrasolar planets, and the interstellar medium. Throughout, he has been instrumental in attempting to obtain higher angular resolution and higher sensitivity at long wavelengths. Perhaps not surprisingly, many of the questions that Bill tried to address with his observations remain unsolved today. These include such fundamental issues as, How are particles accelerated? Where are particles accelerated? What are the environmental impact, both direct and indirect, of particle acceleration? I shall provide a brief and necessarily incomplete survey of Bill's work in the Galaxy and show how it sets the stage for many of the questions facing modern long-wavelength instruments.
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