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Paper: Jet Spectra in FRI Radio Galaxies: Implications for Particle Acceleration 110
Volume: 386, Extragalactic Jets: Theory and Observation from Radio to Gamma Ray
Page: 110
Authors: Laing, R.A.; Bridle, A.H.; Cotton, W.D.; Worrall, D.M.; Birkinshaw, M.
Abstract: We describe very accurate imaging of radio spectral index for the inner jets in three FRI radio galaxies. Where the jets first brighten, there is a remarkably small dispersion around a spectral index of 0.62. This is also the region where bright X-ray emission is detected. Further from the nucleus, the spectral index flattens slightly to 0.50 - 0.55 and X-ray emission, although still detectable, is fainter relative to the radio. The brightest X-ray emission from the jets is therefore not associated with the flattest radio spectra, but rather with some particle-acceleration process whose characteristic energy index is 2.24.The change in spectral index occurs roughly where our relativistic jet models require rapid deceleration. Flatter-spectrum edges can be seen where the jets are isolated from significant surrounding diffuse emission and we suggest that these are associated with shear.
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