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Paper: Parsec-Scale Jets in Lobe-dominated Quasars
Volume: 386, Extragalactic Jets: Theory and Observation from Radio to Gamma Ray
Page: 274
Authors: Hough, D.
Abstract: In order to test relativistic jet and AGN models over a wide range of orientations, we are conducting a VLBI survey of a complete sample of 3CR lobe-dominated quasars. With the benefit of intensive VLBA/HSA observations during the period 1995-2005, the nuclei in all 25 objects have been imaged at one or more frequencies between 5 and 22 GHz. In 22 objects, we find one-sided parsec-scale jets (three sources have barely resolved cores). The jets typically show bends of a few degrees in their inner few parsecs. Multiple-epoch observations have yielded at least rough speed estimates in 15 sources. Component speeds range from ∼0 to ∼10c, and there is a strong tendency for outer components to move faster than inner ones (3C245 is an exception, with alternating fast and slow components). Both the average and maximum speeds tend to correlate with R, the ratio of nuclear to extended emission at 5 GHz (emitted). Polarized emission has been detected in five objects: four show significant rotation measures in their cores/inner jets, two have long jets with longitudinal magnetic fields, and one has a distant jet feature with a transverse field. Implications for jet and AGN models are discussed.
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