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Paper: Searching For Helical Magnetic Fields in Active Galactic Nuclei
Volume: 386, Extragalactic Jets: Theory and Observation from Radio to Gamma Ray
Page: 494
Authors: Mahmud, M.; Gabuzda, D.C.
Abstract: Previously, a multi-wavelength (2cm, 4cm and 6cm) polarization study by Gabuzda et al. (2004) showed systematic Faraday Rotation gradients across the parsec-scale jets of several BL Lac objects, interpreted as evidence for helical magnetic (B) fields—the gradients were taken to be due to the systematic variation of the line-of-sight B field across the jet. We present here new results for the parsec-scale Faraday Rotation distributions for eight additional BL Lac objects, based on polarization data obtained with the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) at two wavelengths near each of the 2cm, 4cm and 6cm bands. The Rotation Measure (RM) maps for all these sources indicate gradients across their jets, as expected if these jets have helical B fields. Such gradients are also detected in the cores of several sources. This provides evidence that these gradients are present in appreciable regions of the jets and are not isolated phenomena. We also observe reversals in the RM gradient in the core region as compared to the gradient in the jet in at least three sources.
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