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Paper: Possible Indicator of Incipient Light Minimum in a Star with the R Coronae Borealis Type Variability
Volume: 391, Hydrogen-Deficient Stars
Page: 45
Authors: Rosenbush, A.E.
Abstract: The appearance of the 25 km s−1 blue-shifted component in the Na I D lines may be interpreted as an indicator of the beginning of a visual light minimum in stars with the R Coronae Borealis type variability. Since 1994, this component was a forerunner of the visual light minimum in R CrB itself at least three times. In the 1995, 1998, and probably in the 2003 minimum, it was found for a day or several days before the beginning of light decline. A similar relation was also found for the infrared triplet line Ca II λ854.2 nm.
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