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Paper: The Hobby-Eberly Telescope Chemical Abundances of Stars in the Halo (CASH) Project III. Abundance Analysis of Three Bright Hamburg/ESO Survey Stars
Volume: 393, New Horizons in Astronomy: Frank N. Bash Symposium 2007
Page: 187
Authors: Davies, L.A.; Frebel, A.; Cowan, J.J.; Allende Prieto, C.; Sneden, C.
Abstract: We present an abundance analysis of three newly discovered stars from the Hamburg/ESO survey for which HET observations have been obtained as part of the CASH project. Light elemental abundances of all three stars agree with those of other metal-poor stars. This means that they likely formed from well-mixed gas. Upper limits on the heavier neutron-capture abundances have not eliminated the possibility that these stars are r-process enhanced. However, the measured barium abundances are rather low.
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