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Paper: Study of z = 3.5 Mg II Absorption Systems with Subaru IRCS Near-Infrared High-Resolution Spectroscopy
Volume: 399, Panoramic Views of Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Page: 209
Authors: Kondo, S.; Kobayashi, N.; Minami, A.; Okoshi, K.; Minowa, Y.; Tsujimoto, T.; Churchill, C.W.; Terada, H.; Pyo, T.; Iye, M.
Abstract: Near-infrared (NIR, 1.03-1.35 μm) high- and medium-resolution spectra of the quasi-stellar object (QSO) APM 08279+5255 were obtained with Subaru IRCS Echelle spectroscopy. We clearly detected Mg II λλ 2796,2803 absorption lines at zabs=3.5023, which is the first detection of “weak Mg II system” at high-redshift (z> 3). We briefly discuss some preliminary results on the metalliciy and abundance of this system.
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