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Paper: Observing the Second Solar Spectrum at IRSOL
Volume: 405, Solar Polarization 5: In Honor of Jan Olof Stenflo
Page: 17
Authors: Bianda, M.; Ramelli, R.; Gisler, D.
Abstract: The history of the IRSOL observatory is closely related to Second Solar Spectrum observations. Already in 1963 Brückner observed scattering polarization in the Ca I 4227Å line. In 1996 the Hanle effect in the quiet chromosphere was measured for the first time in Locarno using the same spectral line. Since 1998 the ZIMPOL system, a polarimeter allowing unprecedented polarimetric precision, has been installed at IRSOL and been constantly upgraded to state-of-the-art technologies thanks to the close collaboration with the Institute of Astronomy in Zurich. It allows to measure the faint signatures of various scattering polarization effects. A brief historical summary of observations related to polarization at IRSOL is given.
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