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Paper: Theory of Polarized Scattering in the Mixed Hanle-Zeeman Regime
Volume: 405, Solar Polarization 5: In Honor of Jan Olof Stenflo
Page: 93
Authors: Sampoorna, M.; Nagendra, K.N.; Stenflo, J.O.
Abstract: We present the theory of polarized partial frequency redistribution (PRD) in the presence of arbitrary magnetic fields. Starting from the classical theory of Bommier & Stenflo (1999) we derive the laboratory frame PRD matrices, which we call ‘Hanle-Zeeman redistribution matrices’, since they cover the partially overlapping weak and strong field regimes. We show that for the simplest case of a triplet (J = 0 → 1 → 0) transition, the classical and quantum (Bommier 1997) treatments give identical results.
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