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Paper: Fine-scale Stochastic Structure of Solar Magnetic Fields
Volume: 405, Solar Polarization 5: In Honor of Jan Olof Stenflo
Page: 205
Authors: Chertoprud, V.; Ioshpa, B.; Obridko, V.
Abstract: Fine-structure (∼ 10″) stochastic properties of the magnetic field of the Sun have been analyzed in the frames of a two-dimensional model of the fractal Brownian process (mean square of the field magnitude difference at two points spaced by a distance D is proportional to D2H). The standard deviation s of the magnetic field and the exponent H corresponding to different levels of | B | have been determined using digitized solar magnetograms with 2″ resolution (SOHO/MDI, Scherrer et al. 1995). It is established that transition from the background magnetic field to the active region (AR) magnetic fields occurs in the field region 25–50 G. The exponent H has been determined as a function of the magnetic field magnitude. The exponent H for the background magnetic field is essentially smaller than for the AR fields. The relation between the results obtained and some fundamental properties of the behavior of solar plasma (turbulence, convection) are discussed.
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