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Paper: An Extended Line-Ratio Method Application: Comparison of Large-Scale Solar Magnetic Field Observations in Different Spectral Lines and Observatories
Volume: 405, Solar Polarization 5: In Honor of Jan Olof Stenflo
Page: 241
Authors: Demidov, M.L.; Golubeva, E.M.; Veretsky, R.M.; Balthasar, H.
Abstract: We explore the distribution of the magnetic strength ratios (MSR) across the solar disk in different combinations of spectral lines and observatories. It was found that along with expected center-to-limb variations (CLV) of MSRs, there are significant polar-equatorial asymmetries of CLVs in some cases. The results of comparing the experimental MSR CLVs with 3D multi-ray theoretical simulations in the framework of two-component flux tubes models are presented.
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