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Paper: Reversal of the Radio Emission Polarization in Solar Cycle
Volume: 405, Solar Polarization 5: In Honor of Jan Olof Stenflo
Page: 445
Authors: Tlatov, A.G.
Abstract: On the basis of the data of the radio heliograph Nobeyama, an analysis concerning the polarization of radio emission was carried out. The polarization of radio emission of the polar areas of the Sun was evaluated, and the comparison with the observations registered on magnetic-tape was made. It is shown that the degree of polarization at high latitudes in the minimum of the 24th cycle is approximately a third of the minimum of the 23d cycle. This could be due to the reduction the polar magnetic field strength.

The latitude-time diagrams of circular polarization in the radio emission were obtained for the period 1992-2007. Averaging of several images for a given day has been done for noise reduction. A filter was applied in order to exclude noisy images. High-altitude drifts of polarization in the radio emission have been established both at sunspot latitudes and at high latitudes. The magnetic field reversal of the large-scale solar magnetic field obtained with the measurements of polarization in the radio emission, was found during cycles of solar activity 22-23.

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