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Paper: A New Zeeman-Doppler Imaging Code for Active Late Type-stars. An Application to II Peg
Volume: 405, Solar Polarization 5: In Honor of Jan Olof Stenflo
Page: 517
Authors: Kopf, M.; Carroll, T.A.; Ilyin, I.; Strassmeier, K.G.; Tuominen, I.
Abstract: The fact, that late-type stars exhibit complex and small scale surface magnetic fields, imposes special requirements on their observation as well as on their modeling and reconstruction. Our new Zeeman-Doppler imaging code iMap, which we present here, was particularly designed for the application to late type stars. It does full radiative transfer calculations and utilizes a regularization scheme which is based on local maximum entropy. Furthermore a new multi-line cross-correlation technique by means of a Principal Component Analysis is used to enhance the quality of individual observed polarized line profiles.

In a first application we present Zeeman-Doppler images of II Pegasi, which reveal a surprisingly large scale surface structure with one predominant magnetic longitude, containing a mainly radially oriented field.

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