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Paper: The Deep Interferometric VSOP–Arecibo Survey (DIVAS)
Volume: 402, Approaching Micro-Arcsecond Resolution with VSOP-2: Astrophysics and Technologies
Page: 148
Authors: Edwards, P.; Hirabayashi, H.; Ulvestad, J.S.; Salter, C.; Ghosh, T.; Gurvits, L.I.; Fomalont, E.B.
Abstract: The Deep Interferometric VSOP-Arecibo Survey (DIVAS) program used space VLBI observations of a faint sample of flat-spectrum sources made with the HALCA satellite and the Arecibo telescope to provide the highest possible space VLBI sensitivity at 5GHz. The main aim of the survey is to compare statistical results on the source structures (e.g., brightness temperatures, sizes, visibilities) with results from the VLBI Space Observatory Programme (VSOP) Survey, to determine whether there are systematic differences in the compact structures of sources selected from samples with limiting flux densities differing by over an order of magnitude.
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