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Paper: Archaeoastronomy in the Muisca Territory
Volume: 409, Cosmology Across Cultures
Page: 272
Authors: Morales, J.D.
Abstract: This paper expose a general vision of the archaeoastronomical work carried out in the Cundiboyacense plateau of Colombia, within the framework of the investigation “Arqueoastronomía en el territorio Muisca”. It deals with some aspects of the cultural geography of the Muisca, and the relation of this with their cosmology. It tries to demonstrate that the Muiscas used Astronomy to construct their cultural space and that they have left evidence of that by means of the geographical organization of their territory and the astronomical and cosmological features of their culture. The main subject of investigation were the archaeological sites that Muiscas might have used as sites of astronomical observation, the calendar and the astronomical and cosmological features of the myths, as well as the astronomical instruments they used.
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