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Paper: Interdisciplinary Approach to Megalithic Tombs in Northern Iberia
Volume: 409, Cosmology Across Cultures
Page: 349
Authors: Gil-Merino, R.; Moreno M.A.; Gallo, Delibes de Castro, G.; González-García, A.C.
Abstract: We present here an interdisciplinary perspective of the dolmenic phenomenon in a significant geographical area of the Iberian Peninsula. This is a north-central region, coincident with the province of Burgos, in which there is a rich catalogue of megalithic sites. We include archaeological, geographical, geomorphological and astronomical investigations as the key pillars of this approach. We identified nearly 30 dolmens with measurable orientations. In addition, we used a Geographical Information System (GIS) to analyse the relations between the megalithic tombs and the geomorphological properties of the sites. Finally, we include a review of the different C14 datations found for the sites when available. These diverse viewpoints result in a description of the “typical” dolmen in the analysed area. We demonstrate that archaeoastronomy plays a complementary and practical role in this kind of research.
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