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Paper: The Sky and the Landscape of Rock Art in the Ceira and Alva Basins
Volume: 409, Cosmology Across Cultures
Page: 359
Authors: Pimenta, F.; Ribeiro, N.; Smith, A.; Tirapicos, L.
Abstract: In this paper we present a status report of the archaeological research being conducted in the A¸cor Mountains in northern central Portugal. The upper regions of this area have been occupied by transhumance since the end of the Neolithic Period. During the Bronze Age extensive occupation occurred due to tin, silver and gold mining. In recent years, hundreds of rock art sites have been discovered in this region, and we will discuss the archaeological methodology that is being used to survey and digitise the information, including archaeoastronomical measurements and software tools used to record and reduce landscape data. Some examples will be shown regarding a possible interest in the rising Full Moon nearest to the Summer Solstice.
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