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Paper: Data Archiving: The Perspective of the IAU
Volume: 410, Preserving Astronomy's Photographic Legacy
Page: 9
Authors: Griffin, R.E.
Abstract: Historically, the archiving of photographic observations has been predominantly a service on behalf of the astronomical community, both local and worldwide. In parallel, efforts to ensure the long-term preservation of that material have mostly come through the community at large via its official body, the International Astronomical Union. While the rôle of the IAU is largely passive, it is vital in providing a framework in which its international Working Groups can share, manage and achieve decisions and co-operations at levels which would be difficult to reach by individual action. To serve the purposes for which they have been archived, historic data need to be kept ticking over in a healthy condition. The IAU provides an excellent forum for the activities which those needs entail.
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