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Paper: Study the ULIRGs Evolutionary Scenario through IRAS F13308+5946
Volume: 408, The Starburst−AGN Connection
Page: 218
Authors: Meng, X.-M.; Wu, H.; Wang, J.; Cao, C.
Abstract: We take a stellar population synthesis study of a luminous infrared galaxy (LIRG) IRAS F13308+5946 LIR = 1011.6Lʘ and intend to give a new method to study the ULIRGs evolutionary scenario. Spectral synthesis result revealed that the host galaxy has a recent star-forming activity since ~ 300 Myr ago. We estimate the maximum IR luminosity during the recent star formation process and find it has a ULIRG phase (LIR = 1012.6Lʘ) ~ 100 Myr ago. Nuclear starburst has more contribution (~ 60%) than AGN to the present IR luminosity budget. The ongoing star formation rate (SFR), the supermassive black hole mass (MBH), the Eddington ratio (Lbol/LEdd) and accretion rate ( M ) are also calculated, which show a late stage of black-hole growth phase. Our result support the evolutionary scenario as Sanders et al. (1988) had proposed that merger induced ULIRGs would evolve into QSOs.
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