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Paper: Interferometric Observations of Supergiants: Direct Measures of the Very Largest Stars
Volume: 412, The Biggest, Baddest, Coolest Stars
Page: 103
Authors: van Belle, G.T.
Abstract: I will present angular diameters for 42 luminosity class I stars and 32 luminosity class II stars that have been interferometrically determined with the Palomar Testbed Interferometer. Derived values of radius and effective temperature are established for these objects, and an empirical calibration of these parameters for supergiants will be presented as a function of spectral type and colors. For the effective temperature versus V0K0 color, I find an empirical calibration with a median deviation of ΔT = 70K in the range of 0.7 < V − K < 5.1 for LC I stars; for LC II, the median deviation is ΔT = 120K from 0.4 < V − K < 4.3. Directly determined diameters range up to 400Rʘ, though are limited by poor distance determinations, which dominate the error estimates.
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