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Paper: Big, Cool, and Losing Mass: Dependence of Mass Loss Rates on L, R, M and Z
Volume: 412, The Biggest, Baddest, Coolest Stars
Page: 137
Authors: Willson, L.A.
Abstract: We look to observations to tell us the dependence of mass loss rates on stellar parameters - L,R,M, Teff , and Z - but what observations of mass loss rates tell us instead is the parameters of stars that have reached an interesting rate of mass loss. In order to find the dependence of the mass loss rates on stellar parameters – the slopes dlogM /dlogL along an evolutionary track, dlogM /dlogM, and for some situations also dlogM /dlogR or d logM /dlogTeff – we need to look to other kinds of data, such as the distribution of stars vs. luminosity or mass loss rate or radius or pulsation period, or the duration of the mass loss process. Mass loss from the biggest, coolest stars is highly sensitive to the stellar parameters, and this results in a narrow “death zone” of mass loss rates sufficient to strip the star of its envelope. Recognizing this pattern, we can draw some strong conclusions about mass loss on the AGB, and also on the RGB, for various populations.
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