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Paper: Interferometric Studies of a Statistical Sample of Mira Variables
Volume: 412, The Biggest, Baddest, Coolest Stars
Page: 149
Authors: Creech-Eakman, M.J.; Thompson, R.R.
Abstract: This paper shows some initial results from a 7-year statistical study of nearly 100 Mira and semi-regular variables taken at the Palomar Testbed Interferometer. The use of optical interferometers to study AGB stars has seen much exciting progress over the past several years as interferometric observations have become more common. This is particularly true because many AGB stars are infrared bright and large enough for interferometers to study as first-light targets. We will show results both from previously unpublished individual stars and from some global statistics based on the entire dataset. This study has proved powerful as it presents a long-term dedicated study of a class of objects in which all the data are taken in a homogeneous fashion. We hope that this conference proceedings will serve as a “teaser” for the upcoming paper of the entire dataset, which we will be submitting to the journal in a few months.
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