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Paper: Dust Formation and Survival in Supernova Ejecta
Volume: 414, Cosmic Dust—Near and Far
Page: 65
Authors: Bianchi, S.; Schneider, R.; Valiante, R.
Abstract: Theoretical models suggest that Type-II SNe are efficient dust factories, able to produce 0.1–1 Msun of dust within 0.01–0.1 Gyr from the progenitor birth. These sources can easily explain the observations of dust emission in high redshift (z∼6) QSOs, when the Universe age was ≤1 Gyr. However, such high masses of dust are not observed in recent supernovae (SNe) and SN remnants (SNR), thus questioning the validity of models. We discuss the dependence of formation models on the assumptions, the evolution and survival of grains in the SN ejecta, and the extinction/emission properties of the resulting dust. Finally, we comment on the relative contribution of SNe and AGB stars to the dust production in the early universe.
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