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Paper: Optical Properties of Dust Grains in the Infrared: Our View on Cosmic Dust
Volume: 414, Cosmic Dust—Near and Far
Page: 356
Authors: Min, M.
Abstract: In this paper an overview is given of the current status of the way we can obtain the optical properties of cosmic dust grains. I focus on the infrared spectral properties of irregularly shaped grains and how these spectra can be used to derive the characteristics of cosmic dust in various environments. Our current understanding of the dependence of these spectra on the grain characteristics is discussed in a qualitative manner. Methods are discussed to compute the optical properties. For this the problem is subdivided into 1) single, homogeneous grains, 2) single, inhomogeneous grains, and 3) aggregated particles. For all these particle types methods are given to compute the optical properties. Also, an overview is given of the current limitations and possibilities for improvements.
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