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Paper: Laboratory Studies of the Hydrogen-Carbon Grains Interaction: Application to the Evolution of the Interstellar Carbonaceous Matter and to Molecular Hydrogen Formation
Volume: 414, Cosmic Dust—Near and Far
Page: 428
Authors: Mennella, V.
Abstract: In the interstellar medium dust grains evolve through exposure to UV photons, cosmic rays, gas, heat and shocks. Laboratory simulation of grain processing is a unique approach to understand the different mechanisms driving dust evolution. Here we focus on the results of laboratory studies on the interaction of atomic hydrogen with nano-sized carbon particles under simulated interstellar conditions. This interation is one of the basic processes for the evolution of the interstellar organic matter during clycling of materials between dense and diffuse regions of the interstellar medium. Moreover, in the case of hydrogenated carbon grains it plays an important role in molecular hydrogen formation for grain and atom temperatures relevant to diffuse clouds and photodissociation regions.
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