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Paper: Possible Alternative Counterparts to the SGR-like Event towards the Gamma-Ray Binary LS I+61 303
Volume: 422, High Energy Phenomena in Massive Stars
Page: 202
Authors: Muñoz-Arjonilla, A. J.; Martí, J.; Combi, J. A.; Luque-Escamilla, P. L.; Sánchez-Sutil, J. R.; Zabalza, V.; Paredes, J. M.
Abstract: We present an overview of a deep radio imaging of the LS I+61 303 field based on a combined analysis of archival data obtained with the Very Large Array (VLA) at the 6 cm wavelength. In addition to this well known gamma-ray binary, we find several radio sources inside the error box of the Soft Gamma-Ray Repeater (SGR) event recently observed towards it by the Swift satellite. None of them appears to display any special peculiarity which could indicate a different origin for the Swift flaring event other than LS I+61 303.
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