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Paper: Chromatic Complementary Adaptation (CCA) for the Exploration of Exoplanetary Life
Volume: 420, Bioastronomy 2007: Molecules, Microbes and Extraterrestrial Life
Page: 243
Authors: Tarasashvili, M. V.; Alexidze, N. G.
Abstract: The purpose of our research is develop an astrobiological model of possible living processes on exoplanets. Imitations of exoplanetary systems have significant theoretical and practical value. Modeling in astrobiology involves: Selection of exoplanets suitable for the origin of life; Theoretical modeling of exoplanetary environment with polarization-holography methods; Imitation of stellar spectra and experiments with Chromatic Complementary Adaptation; Laboratory modeling of the ecosystem and alien life. The main problem is the integration of investigations both in astrophysics and biotechnology. We have showed for the first time the possibility and expediency of such approach, for the solution of astrobiological problems.
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