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Paper: The Kinetic Approach to Model Space Plasmas
Volume: 429, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows, Astronum-2009
Page: 233
Authors: Pierrard, V.
Abstract: In space plasmas, the number density of the particles is generally very low, so that the kinetic approach is the most appropriate one to develop models. At BISA, kinetic models have been developed for planetary exospheres and solar plasmas. Recent models concern the terrestrial plasmasphere, the auroral regions, the polar wind, the solar wind and the exosphere of other planets like Saturn and Jupiter. Depending on the assumptions made in the models, the evolution equations are solved analytically or numerically with a spectral method of expansion of the solution in orthogonal polynomials. Such models are mainly developed to better understand the physical processes, but they have also practical applications for space weather prediction.
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