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Paper: Variability and Velocity of Superluminal Sources
Volume: 300, Radio Astronomy at the Fringe
Page: 177
Authors: Cohen, M.H.; Russo, M.A.; Homan, D.C.; Kellermann, K.I.; Lister, M.L.; Vermeulen, R.C.; Ros, E.; Zensus, J.A.
Abstract: We investigate the relation between the Doppler factor determined from variations in total flux at 22 and 37 GHz, and the apparent transverse velocity determined from VLBA observations at 2 cm. The data are consistent with the relativistic beaming theory for compact radio sources, in that the distribution of βappvar, for 30 quasars, is roughly consistent with a Monte Carlo simulation. The intrinsic temperature appears to be ~ 2 × 1010 K, close to the “equipartition value” calculated by Readhead (1994). We deduce the distribution of Lorentz factors for a group of 48 sources; the values range up to about γ = 40.
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