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Paper: The Future of Binary Star Research: Challenges and Rewards
Volume: 435, Binaries – Key to Comprehension of the Universe
Page: 3
Authors: Guinan, E. F.
Abstract: The recent advances in binary stars research will be discussed. These cover new techniques that span the electromagnetic spectrum from X-ray to gravity waves. Also discussed will be the future expectations of research in binary stars. Results from ultra-high precision spectroscopy and photometry will be evaluated as well as what new astrophysical information can be obtained from the expected tens of thousands of new eclipsing binaries that will be discovered from all sky surveys such as the LSST, PanSTARRS, and later by GAIA. What new astrophysical information will be gained? What new discoveries await us? And what new problems will be uncovered? New strategies for utilizing these new data need to be developed to fully exploit these rich data sets on binaries will be discussed. Also discussed will be how to accomplish these goals and what new discoveries await us. These will be the major themes of this talk.
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