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Paper: Eclipsing Stars Among Variables Discovered Using Scans of the Moscow Plate Stacks
Volume: 435, Binaries – Key to Comprehension of the Universe
Page: 135
Authors: Samus, N.; Antipin, S.; Kolesnikova, D.; Sat, L.; Sokolovsky, K.
Abstract: We found 156 new eclipsing variables among 478 new variable stars discovered using scans of the 10°×10° field centered at 66 Oph, made from 30×30 cm plates of the 40-cm astrograph of the Sternberg Institute's Crimean Laboratory. Two CREO EverSmart Supreme II scanners were applied, at a resolution of 2540 dpi. Light elements were derived for the new variable stars. The results show effectiveness of our semi-automatic techniques of variable-star search even in previously studied fields and even for Algols, not very easy to detect and solve because of the specific character of their variations. We discuss the statistics of periods and consider several interesting stars in more detail.
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