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Paper: Modeling of Circumstellar Dust Around Symbiotic Miras in Infrared
Volume: 435, Binaries – Key to Comprehension of the Universe
Page: 303
Authors: Jurkic, T.; Kotnik-Karuza, D.
Abstract: We determined circumstellar dust properties and modelled inner dust regions around the cool Mira component in a sample of symbiotic stars which showed obscuration events during the observed time intervals. The published JHKL magnitudes of o Ceti, RX Pup, KM Vel, V366 Car, V835 Cen, RR Tel, R Aqr have been collected. In order to follow the evolution of their colours in time, their light curves were corrected by removing the Mira pulsations. Using the simultaneously available JHKL magnitudes and ISO spectra for time intervals with and without obscuration we reconstructed SEDs for RR Tel from the near- to the mid-infrared wavelengths. In order to determine the dust temperature and its properties for each sample star, the DUSTY code was used to solve the radiative transfer assuming spherical temperature distribution of the dust in the close neighbourhood around the Mira component. Dust temperature, grain size, density distribution and optical depth during intervals with and without obscuration have been obtained, paying special attention to RR Tel.
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