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Paper: New Discovered Pulsational Components in Algol Type Binaries and their Positions on the plane of Porb - Ppuls
Volume: 435, Binaries – Key to Comprehension of the Universe
Page: 331
Authors: Soydugan, E.; Soydugan, F.; Şenyüz, T.; Tüysüz, M.; Bakiş, V.; Bilir, S.; Çiçek, C.; Demircan, O.
Abstract: In this study, eclipsing binaries located in the δ Scuti region of the instability strip were chosen from the list of candidate eclipsing binary systems with δ Scuti components. These candidate systems were photometrically observed and some of them were announced to be new Algol-type binaries with δ Scuti components. Although the pulsational variability could not be determined for some of the candidate Algols, pulsational components in EW Boo and DY Aqr have been discovered for the first time. The light curves of EW Boo and DY Aqr were analyzed to model the variations caused by the eclipsing behavior and then we determined the pulsational periods and amplitudes of the pulsating components in these Algols. The relationship between the pulsation and orbital periods of the eclipsing binaries were tested and discussed for the cases of EW Boo and DY Aqr.
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